Monday, January 9, 2017

Caring for books, as Caroline cares for the baby

A primary goal I had since we began independent reading time was to read more books out of my comfort zone, which would be genres such as action books or nonfiction books.  Over the semester I have read a couple of books that were in those 2 genres.  I also had set a goal for myself to read 30 minutes or more every night. When we first began independent reading time I would have to admit I struggled with reading at all at night much less for 30 minutes.  Now that the semester is coming to an end I have been very good at reading for 30 minutes every night including the weekends.
          I have just recently finished my goal of reading 10 books, with the last book I read being The Memory Keeper's Daughter an AP book by Kim Edwards.  This book was one of the few books that I have read that has been an action book.  A part of the book that caught my eye was the beginning after the baby is firs born. Dr. David Henry, the father of the newborn boy and girl asks the nurse to take away the girl because of signs of down-syndrome.  The nurse, Caroline, obeys Dr. David Henry and takes the child away to a home but when she arrives she isn't able to give the child away and soon decides she is going to keep the baby girl and raise her.  On Caroline's way back home, her car battery dies and there is nothing near her that is open.  She begins banging on a door to see if there is anyone inside; then she turns around and a man is there offering to help. Caroline explains to the man, "my baby's crying . . . My car battery is dead. There's a phone right inside the front door but I cant get to it" (Edwards 227).  What stands out to me in this passage is not the fact that she is stuck in a situation where she has nowhere to go but the fact that she calls the baby her own.  Caroline telling the man that it is her baby shows that she will care for the baby, not because she has to but because she wants to; even with the fact that its going to be hard to keep this a secret from Dr. David Henry.  This part of The Memory Keeper's Daughter wonder if this happens in everyday life, and if people are ever put in situations where they either want to care for a baby that isn't theirs or don't want to accept their own baby because of birth defects.  It would be very difficult to ever give up a baby, yes it may be harder to raise a baby with down-syndrome but I would still love them and care for them, I will never be able to understand how someone would give up their baby.  Caroline reminds me of myself, with her kindness and care.     


Friday, December 16, 2016

Hunger for Books

This year my goal was to read 10 books. As of now, I have read 9 and I am starting my tenth book. As a reader I have been able to read faster and pay attention more. Also, I have started reading more books out of my comfort zone. I have been reading every night before I go to sleep. My new book I am reading is The Hunger Games. In the book I liked the part where katniss first got chosen to be in the games. After they draw prims names katniss states, "leave? How could I leave Prim, who is the only person in the world I am certain I love? And Gale is devoted to his family. We can't leave, so why bother talking about it?" This quote showed a rhetorical question and made it more interesting to read and made me think more about what I was reading.  Katniss shows her love for these 2 characters using a rhetorical question.  I am planning to finish this book soon and try to read it faster than I have before. This book is out of my comfort zone for books, usually I have gotten bored reading action books although I am trying to finish this book with out getting bored.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Nick or hereshy?

           As of now I am reading Everlost, which will be my 7th book.  My goal for this year was to read 10 books so I believe I will reach that goal by the end of the year.  I may also need to higher my goal to push myself to read more.  I have been getting better at reading after school everyday and not just every other day, I managed to make reading a apart of my everyday routines so I always feel like I need to do it.  I am about halfway done with everlost, at page 146.  I challenge myself to read about 20 pages a night or more.
          In the novel Everlost Nick had almost forgotten his name and started writing it down so he would remember it, when nick was interrupted by Allie "[he] turned around to look at his room, and for the first time he saw what he had done.  There were little scraps of paper everywhere- not just in and under things, but all over the room" (Shusterman 135).  It was almost as though Nick was in a trance which was broken by the arrival of Allie.  The other kids in everlost repeated the same thing over again each day and felt as though they had too. When Nick begin writing down his name he did this for a whole day straight and felt as he needed to, like it was a job of his.  This can relate to our world today because many times people lives their lives doing the same thing over and over again with nothing new or exciting.  How you can't get back to the real world once going to Everlost can resemble real life and how people look at the world so little and feel like their trapped, but in reality they just look at the world like that because they are stuck doing the same routine everyday but they don't need to be.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Meeting colter

          I have recently started my non-fiction book that is mandatory this semester.  For my choice non-fiction book I picked Colter.  This book is about a dog that was the runt of the liter.  This is the 3rd book I have started to read, one book I read in school and one out of school and just finished both of those which were very good.  I think I am on track for 10 books this whole year because I have read almost 3 and I am planning on reading 5 when we switch schedules which would be around the middle of the year.  Also, I have been reading outside of class which was something I wanted to try to do more.  When I had just started reading Colter a passage that stuck out to me the most was, "all summer, I still didn't know if I did the right thing (bass)."  This passage stood out to me because the owner is talking about how they have are Colter and how everything felt different and not the same.  This makes me sympathetic for colter because Dogs are like human too to me and giving away a day is not much different than giving away a child so this scene was very dramatic for me. I am expecting that Colter makes an appearance though since the story is revolved around him.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Behind the Scene

          Throughout my journey of reading Before I fall I have noticed I have been reading a little faster. I think this might have happened just because of how much I am interested in this book. I have always been a very slow reader but I believe I am gaining a little speed. I have been reading for about 20 ,images every night and when I don't have hw sometimes I read a lot more.  One thing that happened in my book gave me the chills, and I hadn't been expecting it all all.  On page 326 Sam tries to talk to Juliet Skye's and talk her into not killing herself but before she realizes it Juliet is standing directly in front of a car, but not just any car, Sam's best friends car.  In a split second Juliet is gone and the car if off the road. Sam is in shock "There's only one thought revolving around and around in her head: the flash of white just before we pinwheeled into the yawning mouth of the woods, Lindsay yelling something she couldn't quite make out. Not sit or sight. (Juliet) Skye's (Harper)".  This scene was crazy because before when Sam was in the car the first time she lived this day she had no idea it was Juliet but now that she is basically behind the scenes of the accident she saw what really happened. I am very excited to see how this book turns out, I am very close to finishing it!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Before I fall, I will read

I am currently reading Before I Fall, and I feel as though I can relate to the book. The way it is set up makes me want to read more and more and never stop. How the book works is one day Samanta Kingston, the main character in the book, and her friends go to school together on Valentine's Day. At school her and her friends decide to go to a party held that night, as the party starts Sam wants to go home because her and her boyfriend are having problems. On the way home from the party the girls are drunk and craxy and her friend driving is not a very safe driver. And their life flashes before their eyes. Sam is positive they are dead, although the next morning Sam is waking up to the same alarm she wakes up to everyday. Once Sam gets up she checks the date and notices that it was the same day as before. I have not finished the book yet but where I am Sam has relives this day 3 times and does sowmrhing different every day and the events change because of her changes. Sam is trying to prevent the accident but when she does something happens that no one was expecting, not even Sam was expecting it after she relived that day. Sam feels as though the thing that happened was her fault because she was making these changes because she knew what was supossed to happen. I am very curious as to what will happen at the end and how many times she has to relive this day. My goal is to finish this book by the end of this week and also to read for longer than normal after school. This can relate to our world because Sam talks about how horrible it is living the same thing every day and just repeating everything, although sometimes I feel like in our world today we jsut do the motions and do the same thing every day and repeat that. I believe we should live while we can and not live like Sam where everyday is the same day. Another goal of mine is to follow the life lesson of this book which would be this and I will try to make something great and different in every day.