Sunday, September 18, 2016

Before I fall, I will read

I am currently reading Before I Fall, and I feel as though I can relate to the book. The way it is set up makes me want to read more and more and never stop. How the book works is one day Samanta Kingston, the main character in the book, and her friends go to school together on Valentine's Day. At school her and her friends decide to go to a party held that night, as the party starts Sam wants to go home because her and her boyfriend are having problems. On the way home from the party the girls are drunk and craxy and her friend driving is not a very safe driver. And their life flashes before their eyes. Sam is positive they are dead, although the next morning Sam is waking up to the same alarm she wakes up to everyday. Once Sam gets up she checks the date and notices that it was the same day as before. I have not finished the book yet but where I am Sam has relives this day 3 times and does sowmrhing different every day and the events change because of her changes. Sam is trying to prevent the accident but when she does something happens that no one was expecting, not even Sam was expecting it after she relived that day. Sam feels as though the thing that happened was her fault because she was making these changes because she knew what was supossed to happen. I am very curious as to what will happen at the end and how many times she has to relive this day. My goal is to finish this book by the end of this week and also to read for longer than normal after school. This can relate to our world because Sam talks about how horrible it is living the same thing every day and just repeating everything, although sometimes I feel like in our world today we jsut do the motions and do the same thing every day and repeat that. I believe we should live while we can and not live like Sam where everyday is the same day. Another goal of mine is to follow the life lesson of this book which would be this and I will try to make something great and different in every day.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book! I'd like to know more about one particular quote or scene that stands out to you.