Monday, October 10, 2016

Behind the Scene

          Throughout my journey of reading Before I fall I have noticed I have been reading a little faster. I think this might have happened just because of how much I am interested in this book. I have always been a very slow reader but I believe I am gaining a little speed. I have been reading for about 20 ,images every night and when I don't have hw sometimes I read a lot more.  One thing that happened in my book gave me the chills, and I hadn't been expecting it all all.  On page 326 Sam tries to talk to Juliet Skye's and talk her into not killing herself but before she realizes it Juliet is standing directly in front of a car, but not just any car, Sam's best friends car.  In a split second Juliet is gone and the car if off the road. Sam is in shock "There's only one thought revolving around and around in her head: the flash of white just before we pinwheeled into the yawning mouth of the woods, Lindsay yelling something she couldn't quite make out. Not sit or sight. (Juliet) Skye's (Harper)".  This scene was crazy because before when Sam was in the car the first time she lived this day she had no idea it was Juliet but now that she is basically behind the scenes of the accident she saw what really happened. I am very excited to see how this book turns out, I am very close to finishing it!

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