Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Meeting colter

          I have recently started my non-fiction book that is mandatory this semester.  For my choice non-fiction book I picked Colter.  This book is about a dog that was the runt of the liter.  This is the 3rd book I have started to read, one book I read in school and one out of school and just finished both of those which were very good.  I think I am on track for 10 books this whole year because I have read almost 3 and I am planning on reading 5 when we switch schedules which would be around the middle of the year.  Also, I have been reading outside of class which was something I wanted to try to do more.  When I had just started reading Colter a passage that stuck out to me the most was, "all summer, I still didn't know if I did the right thing (bass)."  This passage stood out to me because the owner is talking about how they have are Colter and how everything felt different and not the same.  This makes me sympathetic for colter because Dogs are like human too to me and giving away a day is not much different than giving away a child so this scene was very dramatic for me. I am expecting that Colter makes an appearance though since the story is revolved around him.

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  1. I agree that dogs are almost human--I wonder why you think that. Thanks for sharing!