Thursday, November 10, 2016

Nick or hereshy?

           As of now I am reading Everlost, which will be my 7th book.  My goal for this year was to read 10 books so I believe I will reach that goal by the end of the year.  I may also need to higher my goal to push myself to read more.  I have been getting better at reading after school everyday and not just every other day, I managed to make reading a apart of my everyday routines so I always feel like I need to do it.  I am about halfway done with everlost, at page 146.  I challenge myself to read about 20 pages a night or more.
          In the novel Everlost Nick had almost forgotten his name and started writing it down so he would remember it, when nick was interrupted by Allie "[he] turned around to look at his room, and for the first time he saw what he had done.  There were little scraps of paper everywhere- not just in and under things, but all over the room" (Shusterman 135).  It was almost as though Nick was in a trance which was broken by the arrival of Allie.  The other kids in everlost repeated the same thing over again each day and felt as though they had too. When Nick begin writing down his name he did this for a whole day straight and felt as he needed to, like it was a job of his.  This can relate to our world today because many times people lives their lives doing the same thing over and over again with nothing new or exciting.  How you can't get back to the real world once going to Everlost can resemble real life and how people look at the world so little and feel like their trapped, but in reality they just look at the world like that because they are stuck doing the same routine everyday but they don't need to be.

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  1. Great goals recap! I like the quote you made and your thoughts about people feeling trapped. I want to know more about maybe how to stop that cycle. Thanks for sharing, Kylie!